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1965: Marilyn Kaye

THE WORLD’S LEADING songwriters and producer agree: You just can’t kill a great song. A well-crafted lyric plus a memorable tune will withstand the most misguided performances and arrangements.

Marilyn Kaye's 1965 release, "Yeah Yeah No No No"We beg to differ.

Our case study is a once-moving song called “Yeah Yeah No No No.” Marilyn Kaye’s 1965 original is a moody little masterpiece highlighted by an understated vocal, a haunting arrangement, and an uncommonly adult theme for its era.

But subsequent versions chip away at the song’s essence, diminishing it bit by bit. Aura Gold’s 1973 rendition lacks the eerie intensity of the original, but it’s a worthy folk-rock remake. Porn diva Laryssa Foxxx’s 1985 effort turns the tune into bubble-headed dancefloor fodder. And the final version from 1993 is — well, it’s just a crime, that’s what it is.

No matter what the experts say, they killed this song dead. MORE…


Yeah Yeah No No No [1965]

Yeah Yeah No No No [1973]

Yeah Yeah No No No [1985]

Yeah Yeah No No No [1993]

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