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1962: Clipper Cowbridge

1963: The Swiss Invasion

1965: Marilyn Kaye

1969: The Fold

1970: Yorgi

1971: Devon Shire

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2004: Lazarus Project

1970: Yorgi, Master of the Konservnaya Banka

BY THE TIME Yorgi released his 35th album in 2009, few music consumers could recall a world without the former Soviet Union’s ubiquitous Master of the Konservnaya Banka.

Yorgi's 1970 classic, Trade Winds of Tropics (Clubbo Records)The prolific international superstar had been a fixture of the recording cosmos since the 1960s, first in his Ukrainian homeland and later in the U.S., where his exotically themed mood music albums became Clubbo’s nearest equivalent to a can’t-fail cash cow.

But was the Yorgi who single-handedly popularized the konservnaya banka – a deceptively simple folk instrument fashioned from a tin can, a stick, and a single string – the same individual as the surprisingly youthful Yorgi who mixed it up in later releases like Yo Yorgi! Konservnaya Banka Flavaz from da Street and Yorgi Real Bristol Triphop? And was this Yorgi the same Yorgi who now runs the lucrative Rocktion rock memorabilia auction site? As Clubbo’s new caretakers, we decided to find out…

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