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1962: Clipper Cowbridge

1963: The Swiss Invasion

1965: Marilyn Kaye

1969: The Fold

1970: Yorgi

1971: Devon Shire

1972: Sandee Saunders

1976: Rockfinger

1978: The Spooky Bunch

1979: Decoupage

1981: Bleep

1985: Tiger Love

1985: Laryssa Foxxx

1986: Smasher of Things

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1990: Razorflesh

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1996: Action Plus

1998: J Lounge

2001: Eesk

2004: Lazarus Project

1971: Devon Shire

BACK IN THE EARLY ’70s, singer/songwriter Devon Shire spun fey tales of romance, fantasy and chivalry. Despite his less-than-mystical background (he was born Chris Parmagiano in New Jersey), the mock-Tudor minstrel seduced millions, scoring a series of huge hits for Clubbo.

Devon Shire's Once Had I a Castle Keep (Clubbo Records)Devon’s earnest voice and gossamer guitar may seem dated today. Still, listening to “Azure Lady Nightingale” (from 1971’s Once Had I a Castle Keep), it’s not hard to imagine the wistful damsels and lost lads who once believed wholeheartedly in Devon’s misty, magical world. MORE…

LISTEN: Azure Lady Nightingale

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