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1972: Sandee Saunders

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1972: Sandee Saunders

Sandee Saunders' 1972 Clubbo Records release, Reflections.LIKE MANY YOUNG ARTISTS whose lives are cut tragically short, country-pop singer Sandee Saunders achieved her greatest fame after death — but not for the usual reasons.

Soon after her fatal 1972 car crash, the first rumors appeared: Sandee might be dead, but she was far from gone. Along the lonely stretch of New Mexico highway where she lost her life, late-night drivers were startled by manifestations of Sandee’s disembodied head, often accompanied by the unearthly strains of her greatest hit, “Mornin’ Kind of Feelin’.”

Are these sightings real, or the product of an overactive Chamber of Commerce? And if they are real, is there meaning behind the manifestations? MORE…

LISTEN: Mornin’ Kind of Feelin’

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