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1962: Clipper Cowbridge

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1979: Decoupage

Clubbo artists DecoupageFOR A BRIEF MOMENT in the late ’70s, Decoupage brought a glittering veneer of discothèque glamour to Clubbo.

Fronted by dual divas Marilyn Green and Joanne Tarkenton, Decoupage dripped high style and seductive pop hooks. They were dance-floor faves from Frisco’s discos to Manhattan’s hotspots, not to mention thousands of junior-high gymnasiums and Kiwanis halls in between.

Decoupage is best remembered for the song “Black and White TV,” an anthem of personal growth and transformation. But is “Black and White TV” really about television? And why is that one chick’s voice so deep? MORE…

LISTEN: Black and White TV

(song lyrics and credits)

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