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1962: Clipper Cowbridge

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1985: Tiger Love

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1984: Tiger Love

INDONESIAN POP BAND TIGER LOVE, whose distinctive sound borrowed from U.K. punk, gamelan, and pan-Asian bubblegum pop, was one of Clubbo’s most unlikely (and some might add unlistenable) acts.

Tiger Love was the musical outlet of teenager Siri Batawi, whose dreams became vinyl when her devoted father, a Balinese restaurateur, crossed paths with a vacationing Clubbo exec. Siri’s sole Clubbo release was a 45 of “Feelingful Mood,” in which the lovelorn singer confesses a crush on an Australian boy on holiday with his family. The song was later championed by radical rock critic Byron Jenkowitz as “a lambent ziggurat of outsider sensibility.” MORE…

LISTEN: Feelingful Mood

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