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1987: Suthrn Cuzn

Suthrn Cuzn's Kiss'n Cuzns album (Clubbo Records)SOUTHERN ROCK was a decade out of fashion when Suthrn Cuzn swaggered onstage for the first time. But bantam-sized, barrel-chested frontman Mordy Madovitz discharged his testosterone-sodden anthems with such conviction that Clubbo was persuaded the time was ripe for a revival.

They were wrong, of course. The group’s 1987 Kiss’n Cuzns album went largely unnoticed, except in a few tertiary markets such as Maine and Idaho, where the raunchy lyrics of the “Sonofabitch” single got the song banned by local radio.

Looking back, two things about Suthrn Cuzn continue to fascinate us: The fact that they kick Dixie-rock ass — and the far less obvious fact that they’re not from the South. Or even from America. MORE…



Flyin’ High

BONUS TRACK! DJ Hellvetica’s 1992 remix


(song lyrics and credits)

MORE: The unlikely story of how Suthrn Cuzn became the best Southern rock band ever to emerge from…