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1989: ~pianogirl~

WHAT DO YOU GET when you put two of Canada’s best-loved artists — dramatic diva Tessa Baskin, a.k.a. ~pianogirl~, and Nhoj Arpendahl of the industrial band Razorflesh — in the studio together?

The 1989 ~pianogirl~ LP CUps and Swirds (Clubbo Records)Disaster, that’s what.

Although (or because) Tessa and Nhoj are a longtime couple, their sole collaboration attempt melted down within minutes. Yet the encounter wasn’t entirely fruitless — each artist immediately wrote a scathing hate song about the other. ~pianogirl’s~ bitter ballad “Tarantula” was released in November, 1989. Razorflesh’s abrasively insulting “Hell Hog” followed in February, 1990.

How did the two hatebirds manage to stay together? What did it take to reinstate domestic peace? And most important, who won: ~pianogirl~ [FULL STORY], or Razorflesh [FULL STORY]?



By ~pianogirl~ (song lyrics and credits)

Hell Hog

By Razorflesh (song lyrics and credits)

MORE: Whose side are you on: Razorflesh or ~pianogirl~?

EXTRA! Rare candid interviews with Tessa Baskin (~pianogirl~) and Nhoj Arpendahl (Razorflesh)