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2001: Eesk

Clubbo recording artist EeskERRATIC. ECCENTRIC. RUDE. Electronic-acoustic pop pioneer Eesk has taken these qualities to new extremes during her alternately brilliant and disastrous multi-decade career as a composer, producer and vocalist.

As a member of Copenhagen-based duo Øje in the mid-80s, Eesk was once dubbed “World’s Snarkiest Diva” by Melody Maker magazine. Time has apparently done little to smooth her rough edges: Eesk’s 2001 solo record on Clubbo, Ghost Taxi, became the locus of a bitter battle with the label when the artist claimed Clubbo had “ruined” her music through faulty mastering (which she herself had supervised).

Ghost Taxi combines dense layers of organic and electronic timbres with Eesk’s eerie, film-inspired vocals. Like much of her work, it fluctuates between breathtaking and forgettable. Only when one considers Eesk’s roots on the remote Faroe Islands, near Iceland, does this problematic artist begin to make sense. MORE…


Ether (Original Clubbo Version)

Lodestone (Original Clubbo Version)

(song lyrics and credits)

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BUY: Get the post-Clubbo “director’s cut” of Ghost Taxi at CD Baby or iTunes.