Selected Artists

1962: Clipper Cowbridge

1963: The Swiss Invasion

1965: Marilyn Kaye

1969: The Fold

1970: Yorgi

1971: Devon Shire

1972: Sandee Saunders

1976: Rockfinger

1978: The Spooky Bunch

1979: Decoupage

1981: Bleep

1984: Tiger Love

1985: Laryssa Foxxx

1986: Smasher of Things

1987: Suthrn Cuzn

1989: ~pianogirl~

1990: Razorflesh

1995: Breaker Bear

1996: Action Plus

1998: J Lounge

2001: Eesk

2004: Lazarus Project

The History of the Konservnaya Banka

The history of this distinctive instrument is almost as interesting as Yorgi’s own story. The konservnaya banka is thought to have been invented by peasants in the Russian province of Smolensk in the early 1800s, when Napoleon’s army left countless empty glass jars and rusting, tin-plated iron cans in its wake. The basic . . . → Read More: The History of the Konservnaya Banka

Big Cat Cuisine

Ava Langenthal recently opened a well-received “haute vegan” cafeteria at the Feline Rescue Centre near Wootton Bassett, England.