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Clipper Cowbridge lyrics and credits

Soda Pop Shop


Soda Pop Shop

I took Loretta to the soda pop shop
She had a milkshake and I had a jumbo pop
I tried to say “I love you” so it wouldn’t be in doubt
But when I opened my mouth, this is what came out:
Burp, glurp, blop, glub, blurp…

My head got fevered and my feet went cold
It wasn’t like me to lose my self control
I tried to say “excuse me” or maybe “pardon me”
But when I opened my mouth, I sang this rhapsody:
Burp, glurp, blop, glub, blurp…

Loretta looked mad and I felt bad
I thought she’d slap my face and leave
But when she spoke, the tension broke
And what she said you just would not believe:


That’s the way it happened seven years ago today
Now we have a little house, it’s just across the way
We take the kids for soda every Sunday after church
The noise we make would knock a buzzard off his perch:
Burp, glurp, blop, glub, blurp…

©1962 Clubbo Music
Words by Clipper Cowbridge; music by Morris Bogerman, Clipper Cowbridge and Joe Pardensten
Vocals and sound effects: Clipper Cowbridge
Guitar: Paul Verhouten
Bass: Carl Marson
Piano: George Landau
Baritone saxophone: Pat Buckley
Drums: Lester Drynebeck