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Ava & the Avalanches lyrics and credits


Ski Baby Ski


Ski Baby Ski

Ski baby ski
Come ski with me
Ski baby ski
Come ski with me
Ski baby ski
Come ski with me
Ski baby ski baby ski

It’s an alpine paradise
All snow and ice
It’s very nice
When my baby says to me
Let’s ski baby ski baby ski


We ski so very fast
That every run might be our last
We don’t slow down at all
Until we finally fall


Ski baby ski
Ski baby ski
Ski baby ski with me

© 1963 Clubbo Music
Words and music by Ava Langenthal, Heinrich Schwiz, Helmut Biel, and Morris “Bo” Bogerman_
Produced by Morris “Bo” Bogerman
Engineered and mixed by Charles “Chucko” O’Brien
Vocals: Ava Langenthal
Additional vocals: Heinrich Schwiz
Guitars: Erich Spiez, Helmut Biel
Bass: Berndt Köniz
Drums: Max Biel
Tuba: Heinrich Schwiz
Piccolo: Konstanze Post