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Sandee Saunders lyrics & credits


“Mornin’ Kind of Feelin'”


Mornin’ Kind of Feelin’

When I see the sun a-risin’
And the birds begin to sing their mornin’ song
They celebrate the brand new day
And these days I can’t help but sing along

Now whoever would imagine it
That I could lose my head for you this way
It’s a mornin’ kind of feelin’
Like the dawnin’ of a new and perfect day

I was never one to bother with
The hearts and flowers that other girls demand
Didn’t need a lover in my life
I didn’t need no one to hold my hand

But these last days, oh how it’s changed
Each time I see your face I realize
It’s a mornin’ kind of feelin’
Like I woke up happy just to be alive

Mornin’ time
I can finally see the light
Mornin’ time
No more long and lonely nights
Mornin’ time
It’s a mornin’ kind of feelin’
Like I just woke up and looked into your eyes

So come with me, my darlin’
Come take my hand and walk with me outside
We’ll smell the mornin’ flowers
We’ll listen to the songbirds, you and I

In the glory of creation
There’s nothin’ quite so glorious and new
It’s a mornin’ kind of feelin’
Like I just woke up and all my dreams came true
It’s a mornin’ kind of feelin’
Realizin’ that I’m so in love with you

©1972 Clubbo Music
Words and music by Sandee Saunders
Produced by Morris “Bo” Bogerman
Engineered and mixed by Charles “Chucko” O’Brien
Vocals and acoustic guitar: Sandee Saunders
Additional vocals: Cindy Pinkus, Annette Knapp, Goldie Gold
Electric pianet: Doreen Planque
Electric guitar: Lew Guthrie
Pedal steel guitar: Hollis Whorton
Bass: Douglas Piento
Drums: Sam “Bam Bam” Milroy
Handclaps: Bo Bogerman and Charles O’Brien
Strings: The Andante Strings (Melville Onderdonck, Concertmaster)