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Rockfinger lyrics & credits


“Feel It”


Feel It

You know you got to feel it
Make it feel alright
You know you got to feel it
Make it every night
Now girl you gotta move it
Shake it make it right
Cause I’m a-gonna do it
Take it outa sight

Feel it
Yeah you got to move it
Feel it
Yeah we’re gonna groove it
Feel it
Feelin’ like I do
I’m gonna…I’m gonna…I’m gonna…yeah yeah yeah
You say you’re gonna move it
Say you’ll treat me right
Well now you’ve gotta prove it
Tease it squeeze it tight
I don’t think I can take it
Feels like dynamite
Yeah girl we’re gonna make it
Till the morning light


Feel it
Feel it
Feel it

©1976 Clubbo Music
Words by Jack Lamb; music by Jack Lamb and Tommy Lamb
Produced by Morris “Bo” Bogerman
Engineered and mixed by William Jones and Charles “Chucko” O’Brien
Lead vocals: Jack Lamb
Backing vocals: Jack Lamb, Tommy Lamb, Bebe Chapman, Delia Knight
Guitar: Tommy Lamb
Bass: Rick White
Drums: Tom Rodgers