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Bleep lyrics & credits


“Rubber Lover”

“Space Doors”


Rubber Lover

Rubber lover
We’re meant for one another
We can rub
Rub against each other
Rubber lover
Make me shiver and shudder
When you rub against me baby
I start to stutter

Rubber lover
Under my covers
Hide you from my friends
I hide you from my mother
Rub rubber lover
Come and rub me with butter
When we’re together
Wearing rubber gloves and leather
Rubber lover

Rubber lover
I found you in the gutter
Took you to my room
Now you’re part of the clutter
Rubber lover
Gonna throw you in the tub
Cover you with lather
And give you a scrub
Blub blub


Rubber lover
I’m in a rut rubber lover
Rubber lover
You’re such a slut rubber lover
When I’m tired of you
I try to throw you away
But you only bounce back
Bounce back into shape
You are expandable
You are expendable
Rubber lover



Space Doors

I could be wrong
I think I saw your face
In another time
In another place
Where your hair was pink
And your skin was green
No you wouldn’t believe
Some of the things I’ve seen

There are doors in space
Leading somewhere else
Where you’re face to face
With your other self
All the traits you hate
That you can’t ignore
Until you escape
Through another door

So don’t fool yourself
Cause you’re not unique
In the way you dress
In the way you speak
Just beyond that door
There’s another world
With another you
You’re just another girl

Space doors
I’ve seen you before
I don’t go anymore
In space
I like to explore
Space doors
That’s what I’m looking for

Open the door
Open the door
Open the door


Both songs ©1981 Clubbo Music
Words and music by Martin Jarrow
Produced by Morris “Bo” Bogerman
Engineered and mixed by Charles “Chucko” O’Brien
Lead vocals and synthesizer: Martin Jarrow
Synthesizer and backing vocals: Alan Finger
Synthesizer, drum programming and backing vocals: Ricky Loehlein