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Tiger Love lyrics & credits


“Feelingful Mood”


Feelingful Mood

You say you like me
It’s smiling time like a sunny
I say I like you
We are in a feelingful mood

You say let’s go play
We have a very happy all day
When you go I cry
I get feelingful at goodbye

Feelingful mood
A feelingful mood for you
Feelingful mood
A feelingful mood for you
A feelingful mood

You’ve away so far
Out of my seeing but not radar
All the time I think of you
I am in a feelingful mood
I am in a feelingful mood

©1984 Clubbo Music
Words and music by Siri Batawi
Engineered and mixed by Komang Wenten
Recorded at Radio Kuta, Kuta Beach, Bali
Vocals, guitar, bass, organ and keyboards: Siri Batawi
Drums: Feargal Evans