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Suthrn Cuzn lyrics & credits



“Flyin’ High”

DJ Hellvetica’s 1992 remix, “SOB NRG”



chorus [x 2]:
Come and scratch my itch
Ooh yeah

Don’t you try messin’ with me mothers
You heard what I said
You’re gonna die one after the other
Until you’re all dead

I ain’t famous
I ain’t good-lookin’
And I ain’t rich
But they make way when they see me comin’
I’m a sonofabitch

[chorus x 2]

I like it hard
I like it rough
And I like it quick
You say you’re tired
Well I say that’s tough
Come on and suck my
Suck on it suck on it yeah yeah

[chorus x 2]

Flyin’ High

I’m an eagle
Flyin’ high
Love my freedom
Love the sky
Couldn’t change it if I tried
Flyin’ high
I wave goodbye

Girl you know
It’s been so fine
Days like honey
Nights like wine
Will you miss me
When I’m gone
Flyin’ high
I’m moving on

Oh flyin’ high I wave goodbye
Flyin’ free yeah flyin’ high
Girl you know it’s hard to say goodbye
Flyin’ high up to the sky

©1987 Clubbo Music
Words by Mordechai Madovitz; music by Aryeh Spiedowski and Mordechai Madovitz
Produced by Bas Carlton and Suthrn Cuzn
Engineered and mixed by “Fast” Shlomo Schoenberg
Recorded at The Whippin’ Post (Haifa)
Vocals and rhythm guitar: Mordechai Madovitz
Backing vocals: Vanetta Dupree, Clydie Yudlewitz
Lead guitar: R.E.A. Speed-Demon
Guest guitarist on “Flyin High”: Tim McGee (appears courtesy of Saved Records)
Bass: Ben Gurion
Drums: Grits Naativ