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Music City Meltdown

Country Clubbo (1993-1996): The Little Label That Couldn’t

Like so many other Clubbo schemes, it sounded like a surefire winner.

In the early ’90s, country music burst into the pop mainstream like a swollen appendix. Naturally, Clubbo head Bas Carlton was desperate to siphon off a share of that line-dancing lucre. And as luck would have it, that’s precisely when Jared Clubb proposed a Nashville-based Clubbo subsidiary.

Carlton must have reasoned that Jared, a nephew of Clubbo co-founder Chet Clubb, had the music biz in his blood. Tragically, he was mistaken. While the young Clubb approached the job with passion and intensity, he had a tin ear for talent — witness such signings as strident preteen belter Tomma Overbee, “acid bluegrass” jam band American Gravy, and the Ropers, a family ensemble of singular homeliness.

To make matters worse, Clubb was the type of workaholic constitutionally incapable of delegating anything. He signed the acts, chose their material, produced their discs, wrote their press releases, and even designed logos and CD covers.

Jared’s record speaks for itself: The label’s sole chart success was “Log On,” Breaker Bear’s unlikely hit. All his other acts sank without a trace — not even tiny air bubbles.