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Action Plus lyrics & credits


“I Think He Went to Prague”

“Lucky Pink”


I Think He Went to Prague

I think he went to Prague
He ran off like a dog
He took my keys and Cure CDs
And vanished in the fog

Or maybe it was Rome
Someplace where he’s unknown
Defaulted on his student loan
He’s never coming home

Oh where did he go
To Baltimore, Beirut or Borneo
Oh where could he be
I wonder does he ever think of me

Perhaps he went to France
To start a new romance
Though he’s adored by all the whores
The neighbors look askance

He tried to disappear
Into the atmosphere
It wasn’t hard to go so far
Cause he was hardly here

Oh why should I care
If he’s in Barcelona or Bel Aire
Oh why run away
Your past will only hunt you down someday

I almost could forget
As though we never met
The memory of him and me
Is distant as Tibet

And to this travelogue
There is no epilogue
No further word, that’s all I heard
I think he went to Prague

©2004 Clubbo Music
Words and music by Ursula Blind
Produced by Joe Gore and Ursula Blind
Mixed by Bug Fine
Vocals, electronics: Ursula Blind
Guitar, electronics: Joe Gore

Lucky Pink

It’s a big spin mega-sin
Diamondback bonanza
It’s a Sunday-school Gomorrah
And a Sodom if you want

It’s a get lost spare-no-cost
Tango with a stranger
It’s a bucket full of glamour
The umbrella in the drink
Lucky pink

Outa town go play
Get to a getaway
Friday thru Sunday
Catch me catch me

Ankle chain snakeskin
Mentholated too thin
Gold digger I’m in
Hit me hit me

Class act town car
Thinks he’s a big star
Up where the girls are
Touch me touch me

No risk can’t fail
Got a sucker by the tail
Painted my toenails
Lucky lucky pink

Bright lights big top
Couldn’t hear a bomb drop
Wait till the wheel stops
Trust me trust me

Shopping mall health spa
Bait for the bourgeois
Bought me a new bra
Lucky pink

On a hot streak
Double speak
Automatic action
Goin triple or nothing
Makin nickels on the dime

Like a flash flood
Make it good
Show me all your money
Maybe we can get together
If you got a little time

Gonna get hitched
Strike it rich
Drive home in a Lincoln
Wearin underwear by Gucci
Drinkin forty dollar wine


He lost she’s sore
Givin him what for
No chance that he’ll score
Kick me kick me

Prime rib blood red
Cigarillos in bed
Screwdriver go ahead
Kill me kill me

CB shortwave
Road rash and road rage
Out on the highway
Race me race me

Redhead capri
Lookin for some company
She’s cheap but not free
Lucky lucky pink


©2004 Clubbo Music
Words and music by Ursula Blind
Produced by Joe Gore and Ursula Blind
Mixed by Bug Fine
Vocals, electronics: Ursula Blind
Guitar, bass, electronics: Joe Gore
Drums: Dave Kostiner