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Lazarus Project: Their Music Will Never Die (2004)

Clubbo recording artist the Lazarus ProjectCOMPUTER WHIZ MARK LISSITSKY doesn’t mourn the loss of such musical icons as Hendrix, Joplin or Tiny Tim. His favorite artists may be long gone, but he spends little time replaying their old hits.

Instead, he listens to their new material.

Lissitsky has created the unthinkable: a computer program that resurrects the creative minds of the past with eerily convincing results. We don’t fully understand how his program works, but according to Lissitsky, it involves analyzing sufficient amounts of past data in order to predict the next logical step in an artist’s creative output.

The first Lazarus Project release, “Cyber Magnolia,” is instantly recognizable as the work of a certain chubby, bearded guitarist from a psychedelic San Francisco band known for its protracted jams and devoted, itinerant fans. And in the haunting “We’ve Only Just Resumed,” Lissitsky captures what seems to be a description of the afterlife by one of the thinnest singers of the ’70s. MORE…


Cyber Magnolia

We’ve Only Just Resumed

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